Waddington Airshow 2002

A photographic record

I decided to visit on the Sunday this year... should I have chosen Saturday... maybe.
Weather not brilliant... in fact, it made the photography rather hard.
I took the Ricoh i-500 and a Yashica Finecam S4. I have noted on each shot which it was taken on.

I was more than a little dissapointed that there was nothing 'special' this year. Yes the Italians were good (VERY good in fact) but the show was missing someting. Last year the Isreali F15 and the B1 stood out. I do hope that next year, there is something flying (other than the spectacular swallows) that 'stands out' a bit more.

Anyway, just as last year, here is my photographic record of the day.
Unlike my shots last year, I have had to edit almost everything just to get the light levels ok to view. Some (but not all) small pictures link (in a new window) to larger versions that will print better, but please note, these may a little while to load, please be patient.
Some of the red arrows shots were taken out of the car window, in the rain!

An 'R' when your mouse is over the picture means it is taken on the Ricoh i-500.
A 'Y' when your mouse is over the picture means it is taken on the Yashica Finecam S4.


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