The airshow had started to seem a bit 'routine' to me, but when the Thunderbirds were listed as flying, I decided to visit on the Sunday. There has been quite a bit of angry comment about the traffic management this year by some, but I had no problems, leaving Stoke on Trent just after 6am and parking at Waddington just after 8am.
I didn't stop for the whole day - I left at about 3:30 pm as I wanted to get home in a reasonable time (and was quite tired from a late night at Rock on the Rocks - I must be getting old!).

The Thunderbirds show was very good from start to finish - the groundcrew were great. The time they all spent with the crowd afterwards was really appreciated.
This year, I have hosted my photos on 2 Facebook public albums. I also took a few short video clips which I have uploaded to Vimeo. You can access all from the links below.

Thunderbirds Video clips
Thunderbirds Photos
All the other photos

Low Level flying etc
The Vulcan at Bruntingthorpe Aug 2000

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